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San Antonio with Nasir and Jessica

May 30, 2015

Last weekend, Jessica and I flew over from Seattle to San Antonio, Texas to visit some of Jessica’s relatives. We were set to stay for a week. Since it was the first time I’d ever been to San Antonio – and I really try to make the most out of wherever I go. So, I decided to make this trip as epic as possible by looking for the best places to go out, eat, sight see, and most importantly, have a really good time.

Six Flags

Iron Rattler

Iron Rattler

I’m the type of guy who likes a good adrenaline rush, so Six Flags Fiesta Texas was definitely number one on my list of things to do in San Antonio. But first – breakfast. We headed down over to Magnolia Pancake house, and I ordered their Bacon Pancakes. The pancake batter had bacon chunks, and that was enough to make me happy. Jessica ordered the Eggs Benedict, and the hollandaise sauce on them was just the right consistency. I ended up having a couple bites of Jessica’s and she had some of mine. Thumbs up for Magnolia Pancake house!

So we got to Six Flags, and we rode all the rides we possibly could. The Iron Rattler literally rattled my bones, and I felt my soul leave my body with the Poltergeist. Jessica didn’t want to ride on the bigger coasters, so she stuck to the Bugs’ White Water Rapids and Crow’s Nest. We both had a blast!

All For Sight-Seeing

The next day, we decided to go biking down the Mission Trail. The landscape was beautiful. Though we’re both avid hikers, we thought bikes would get us there faster. The trail starts at the Alamo and goes as far as nine miles. You can stop and visit the missions if you like, as we went down for a while just to have a look. It was pretty hot, but we had enough water to fuel us enough to make it through, and at the same time enjoy the historical sights.

Biking on the Trail

Biking on the Trail

Jessica and I were pretty tired by the late afternoon, so I wanted to take her out to a nice restaurant and just relax with her. I took her to Fig Tree Restaurant, and thought she’d appreciate the simple elegance of the restaurant. She did! We ordered Avocado stuffed with Shrimp Louis for starters, for entrees I got the Rib Eye, Jessica got the Duck Breast, and finished it off with some Baked Alaska. Everything was sublime, from the cozy ambiance of the restaurant, to the service. We’d definitely go back!

Last Stop

Before going back home, we made sure to visit the Sisters and Grimm Candlelight Ghost Tours. You learn a lot from Eric, the tour guide, as he tells you all about the history of San Antonio; creepy tales about its previous inhabitants. I shook the spook off later on that night by watching an NFL game at The Friendly Spot, which was also a pretty good bar. It was, overall, an epic weekend – and I can’t wait ‘til the next time Jessica has to visit her relatives again.

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