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Atlanta is Amazing by Jess

April 23, 2015

Amazing Atlanta

When people think about exploring the different parts of the U.S., the first cities that come to mind are big names; Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, to name a few. But there are so many other parts of the U.S. that are rich with culture, beauty, and history, but are overlooked by people who want to be dazzled by the hustle and bustle of these famous busy cities. So when I told my friends I wanted to discover the sights and sounds of Atlanta, they asked me – “why?”

I asked them, “why not?”

And so I went with Nasir – who is a history buff himself, and I, a nature lover. Needless to say, the city matched our interests, and we had the grandest time! Here is why Atlanta is now one of my most favorite cities.

I Love Trees

Atlanta’s lush greenery scored it extra awesome points for me. In fact, they call Atlanta a “city in a forest” because of how many trees inhabit the area. There’s just something about the way the warm streaks of sunlight go through the array of leaves that is so restful and comforting that automatically made me feel at home! I particularly loved the Stone Mountain theme Park, where you can take the summit skyride all the way to the top and have a gorgeous view of Atlanta city.

History Everywhere

Because Atlanta was part of the civil war (it was actually created because of an intersection between two railroads), it has so much to offer in terms of history. One museum I’d recommend everyone to visit is the Atlanta History Center, which boasts of having one of the most extensive collections of civil war memorabilia across the country. Make sure that you allot enough time when you tour to see the houses that they recommend visiting, such as the Swan House and the Margaret Mitchell House. My favorite was definitely Margaret Mitchell’s house, being a fan of the movie Gone With the Wind!

Home of Big Companies

Because CNN’s global headquarters are found in Atlanta, you can take a tour of their set, and see how one of the biggest media industries does its job! Aside from CNN, you may also take a tour of The World of Coca Cola. Admission is around $17 per person, and you can have all the coke you want towards the end of the tour. If you’re a Coca-Cola fan, this is a definite must.

“City Too Busy to Hate”

While the city has roots as deep as the early 1800’s, much of the progression towards equality for black and white races was formed in this city, deeming it the “city too busy to hate.” Interestingly enough, Martin Luther King was also born in Atlanta, and his house is a national historic site you can visit, and bring your own children to, to teach them about how he fought for human rights.

Good Food

To top off the whole experience, we had some seafood at The Optimist – and it was the fried Oysters I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely worth flying back to Atlanta for, and repeating our entire experience!



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