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It’s the Most Wonderful Eating Time of the Year!

December 17, 2014

Our trip to Los Angeles was amazing. I can’t talk about the weather enough. The days walking around in flip flops in November were awesome! We made a couple more trips to Gilbert’s in Santa Monica before we left. The Super Mule Burrito kept calling my name like a siren. One of the servers, Antonio, remembered us on our 3rd trip there and even asked if I was getting the Super Mule again. Needless to say, I said yes and got another humongous burrito for myself. We will be coming back to Los Angeles in February for a wedding, so it looks like I won’t be away for too long before I can stuff my face with more burritos. I thought I took more pictures, but it looks like they were deleted on accident. Sad face.

Thanksgiving was another day for us to pig out and gorge ourselves with cheat meals all day. Our Friendsgiving started with wonderful weather and ended with a fully belly and a sleepy girlfriend. Our friend Anne and her husband Pete hosted Friendsgiving and had the most epic prime rib roast, turkey, ham, and all the fixings. I must have gone up to get food at least 4 times before the night was over. Good food, good wine, and good company equals a great time. I miss my momma’s home cooking, but eating traditional American Thanksgiving food is really an awesome experience that everyone should get to try. I was very thankful for the friends and family that were around to enjoy this bountiful meal.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Look at that spread! #thanksgiving #friendsgiving

We experienced rain in Southern California. People were saying that we were lucky because it has rained 3 times in 2014 and we got to experience it. They were talking about how hard it was raining and how cold it was, but it really wasn’t that bad compared to home in December. The rain didn’t really bother me and it was nice to see a variety of California weather so we know what we are getting into if we decide to move to Los Angeles. I have been loading up on Pinterest images for the move and if you have any home decor suggestions, please send them my way! They say home is where the heart is and Los Angeles is kinda taking over my heart… By the way, we also got lucky enough to see the elusive Los Angeles rainbow while driving down the 405 freeway. Another thankful event in 2014.

Rainbow on the 405

Rainbow on the 405

I hope everyone had a lovely and filling Thanksgiving holiday. I know that Jess and I ate our fill and then some. Time to diet when we get back home? I think so! Or not.




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