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Eating in Los Angeles with Nasir Shakouri

November 25, 2014

The first leg of our trip to Los Angeles has officially started! Nasir and I can’t stop talking about this weather and I kinda feel like a jerk walking around talking to strangers about this great weather. 75 degrees in NOVEMBER?! This feels unreal to a native of rainy and oftentimes cold Seattle. I don’t like the traffic, but I could definitely get used to the weather and the food.

Jess and Nasir Shakouri @ Sushi Tsujita

Chirashi bowl at Sushi Tsujita

Our first stop was at a sushi restaurant near UCLA called Sushi Tsujita. This restaurant shows four $$$$ signs on Yelp, but we stopped by for lunch and was pleasantly surprised by the relatively low cost for a chirashi bowl. A chirashi bowl with uni and ikura will cost betweent $14 and $18 at most run of the mill sushi spots located in strip malls. The bowl at Sushi Tsujita cost us $15. They only have 15 of these specially priced chirashi bowls a day, so get there early if you want to try it out. The service was impeccable and the decor was fancy. Nasir felt a little under dressed in flip flops and a tank top. Yes, you read that right. We wore flip flops in November. Sushi Tsujita is on our list of restaurants to eat at again before we leave. In case you didn’t know, Jess and Nasir Shakouri love sushi.

There was a really long line at a ramen place down the street with the same name. We will try Tsujita Ramen tomorrow and report on it to everyone. The line yesterday was much too long and Nasir can get quite hangry when he doesn’t eat every 3.5 hours.

Sushi Tsujita

Sushi Tsujita

For dinner, Nasir wanted to check out a Mexican restaurant that is highly reviewed on Yelp. Gilbert’s El Indio Restaurant in Santa Monica looks like an older El Torito family restaurant, but the staff is really attentive and the locals here seem to love it. The first thing I noticed was that the server brought out homemade tortilla chips, salsa, and pickled carrots. I don’t really like eating pickled carrots, but Nasir loves them! The server kept bringing more carrots and salsa, but she didn’t seemed fazed at all. I love restaurants that serve free appetizers like this. Nasir got a Super Mule Burrito and it was huge! The burrito was literally the size of both of my forearms and it was covered in cheese and a green sauce. I don’t know how he did it, but Nasir ate the whole thing and got another round of pickled carrots after. In case you didn’t know, Nasir Shakouri loves burritos. This wasn’t my favorite place, but seeing my man so happy made me feel happy. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed and I loved the old pictures on the walls.

Super Mule Burrito

Super Mule Burrito at Gilbert’s

The trip to LA has been pretty laid back and chill compared to our trip to Boston. We are definitely walking less and driving more because LA is so big. Driving from Santa Monica to Downtown is only 10 or 15 miles, but it took us over an hour in rush hour. I guess when you live here, you learn to stay off the road at certain times. Lesson learned. Now I know why the SNL skit about Californians is so funny. Nasir and I have been here for a couple days and we are already talking about different routes to different parts of the city.

I am looking forward to spending the week in a warm and sunny place with friends and family. Please leave comments below and tell Nasir how great Los Angeles is and why we should move here. Thanks!


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