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Jess and Nasir are Moving!

November 19, 2014

So Jess and I are looking for a place to live in Los Angeles, Portland, or San Francisco. Since both of us can work remotely, we are looking to move out of Seattle for a couple years before we get married and have kids. Our decision will be based on four major factors; price, weather, access to good live music, and proximity to awesome food. I know that all three cities offer everything in this list, so we are going to visit each one in the coming weeks to get a real feel for the city.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

First on the list is Los Angeles. Los Angeles seems a lot different from Seattle and from the way the media portrays the city, it looks a little superficial and full of girls with plastic surgery. I’m not complaining about the plastic surgery, but it does seem a little foreign to me and I am kind of hesitant. Jess thinks I would do well in LA because I love the beach and I love comedy clubs (for those that don’t know, Los Angeles has a pretty cool comedy scene). The housing costs seem to be very diverse in Los Angeles. There are some areas that look really affordable and others that look ridiculously expensive. If we move to Los Angeles, I want to take full advantage of living in a city that is warm year round and live near the beach. The housing in the beach cities seem more expensive than the rent we are paying in Seattle, but cest la vie. I will update my next post with our adventures in Los Angeles.

San Francisco

San Francisco

The second city we will be visiting is San Francisco. I’ve visited San Francisco and I loved it. The restaurants are legendary and the nightlife was pretty fun. San Francisco seems a lot more laid back than Los Angeles and the people here don’t take themselves as seriously as their LA counterparts. The biggest problem is that the cost of living in San Francisco is higher than LA and Portland. I want to live in a fun city with good food, but I don’t want to not experience the city because I can’t afford anything other than housing. The weather is brisk and can be a bit colder in the winter, compared to LA, but it’s probably not much colder than Seattle. Jess loves Emeryville, a small city on the other side of the Bay Bridge. The housing looks more affordable on the East Bay and it is a quick BART ride to the city. San Francisco looks inviting and I can’t wait to visit again with Jess. I will post an update from San Francisco after our trip.



Portland is the last city on the list, but it’s definitely not the least. Jess and I have been to Portland many times in the last few years. We love how laid back the city is and the food culture is amazing. The only thing that is holding us back about Portland is that we have been there many times and even spent last summer there. Part of the reason that we are moving is so that we can experience a new city and a new way of life for a few years. Portland just seems like a home away from home and this will be our last stop on our search for a new hometown. Wish us luck and safe travels, because this is going to be an exciting time!

We have already started pinning apartment decor ideas on Pinterest. Check it out and send me some cool pins if you come across any.



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