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Last Day in Boston

November 11, 2014
Dogs near the Esplanade

Dogs near the Esplanade

Our last day in Boston, we headed over to the Esplanade next to the Charles River, near Newbury Street. It was a pleasant walk through a corridor of parks with falling leaves. Jess and I saw a man walking 3 dogs and the dogs started rushing to this trash can next to a bench. Turns out the little trash can is filled with dog treats and the dogs knew it. It was such a funny site to see!

Fearless squirrel

Fearless squirrel

We finally got to the Esplanade and it was such a treat. The squirrels were running around collecting acorns and we saw a couple hawks eyeing the squirrels from a tree. The squirrels were not scared by humans at all. I literally walked up really close to this squirrel and took a picture without using zoom. It was pretty cool seeing all this wildlife in the middle of a major metropolitan area.

The Esplanade was probably my favorite spot in Boston. Jess was more excited about the restaurants, but she still had fun watching me chase squirrels and hand feeding them acorns. I don’t think our trip would have been complete without a trip to the Esplanade.

James Hook Lobsters

James Hook Lobsters

After our walk down the Esplanade we decided to eat at James Hook and Co. for our final lobster meal in Boston. The prices were a bit higher than Alive and Kicking, but still a great deal. Jess got the lobster roll and I got some lobster bisque and fresh tuna sashimi that the guys cut for us. I tried to convince Jess to take some lobsters back to Seattle, but she didn’t want to add to our already overloaded carry on bags. Good call Jess! Until next time, here’s a picture of our last meal in Boston.


Lobster Roll and Lobster Bisque

Lobster Roll and Lobster Bisque



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  1. Mouth watering, lucky you. It looks so delicious.

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