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Boston in the Fall part 1

November 6, 2014
View from Top of the Hub. Boston, MA

View from Top of the Hub. Boston, MA

Jess and I are in Boston for a nice little getaway. We got really lucky and we are having the perfect Boston Autumn weather; no rain, crisp cold temperatures, but not too cold. This is a picture of our early dinner at the Top of the Hub restaurant in the Prudential Tower. Our view of the Charles River and Newbury Street were magnificent! I love how most of the buildings are made of brick. You can really see the difference between the new and old buildings. The buildings closer to the river were mainly brick buildings and as you got further away, you can start seeing the high rises and other modern buildings.

Our friend Sean lives in Boston and showed us around Copley Square, Harvard Square, Newbury Street, the Esplanade, Chinatown, and about a dozen delicious eateries.

Below is a picture of Pinocchio’s near Harvard Square in Cambridge. Jess was not a big fan, but I had to go and reminisce my youth when I spent a semester in Harvard.

Pinocchio's in Cambridge

Pinocchio’s in Cambridge

I think Jess’ favorite restaurant was either Shabu Zen in Chinatown or the hole in the wall restaurant/seafood market Alive and Kicking Lobsters in Cambridge. Alive and Kicking had one of the best lobster sandwiches I have ever had. The prices were also some of the lowest I have seen for lobster; $25 for 2 whole lobsters, $28 for 2 whole lobsters and steamers, $17 for a lobster sandwich (with a whole bunch of lobster).

Shabu Zen

Shabu Zen

Chinatown was pretty cool to visit. When we walked around, we saw a group of elderly people practicing Tai Chi in front of the Chinatown entrance. They seemed really focused and looked like they were drowning out all noises in the city. I know it’s kinda tacky, but we took a picture of them meditating. I’m sure none of them minded, especially since they all had their eyes closed.

Tai Chi in Chinatown

Tai Chi in Chinatown

I recommend getting a week long T Pass (for the bus and subway) if you plan to visit for more than 3 days. The one day T Pass was $11 while the week pass was $19. I’m really glad that we passed on getting a rental because Boston is a lot smaller than I imagined and the public transportation was really easy to use.

Ok, back to exploring Boston! Missing Seattle, but not too much. Tweet me if you’re in the area and want to meet up.



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