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Goal Accomplished!

July 14, 2014

I just did my first muscle up…ever!

For those that are not familiar with Crossfit; a muscle up is when you do a pull up and then you pull yourself up to do a bar dip.

I have been trying to accomplish this physical goal for over a year and I finally get to say that I am capable of a muscle up. I don’t know how this will affect my life since I have been trying to do this for so long. I have lost over 25 pounds of fat in the last year. I believe diet is a main contributor since I have been eating a lot more vegetables and lean meats. A good balanced diet attributes to 70% of keeping your body lean and strong and the rest is consistent exercise. I will be staying on my new Keto/Paleo diet for the next 5 months and see how much stronger I can get. Thanks to everyone for supporting me and cheering me on in attaining my ideal physical form.

I have attached an image of a muscle up below. I couldn’t get a video of it, but I will post one as soon as I am able to do another one.

muscle up baby!


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